Healing Stress Illness

Is an Inside Job

Healing stress

illness for good

‘Symptoms are a manifestation of unresolved emotional turmoil and a maladapted stress response.’ – Dr. John Sarno

Hi – I am Susanne. It is my aim to help you recover from chronic pain and symptoms such as back pain, migraines, digestive issues, repetitive stress injuries etc. The list is long. I suffered from nagging chronic pain my whole life and I finally found the key for recovery with this wonderful work. The cause for chronic symptoms is not in your body, it is with your emotions, namely the emotional suppression, which is automatic and unconscious. Latest neuroscience tells us that our brains / nervous system create what we feel in our bodies. This radical statement is not only factual, but it has major ramifications for all of us. The root cause for chronic pain therefore is emotional turmoil, a sensitized, overloaded nervous system and no adequate outlet for emotions, stress, trauma. With this work you will learn to heal the root cause and break free from the cycle of fear and pain. If you are willing to take the plunge into your emotional being, you can heal. I did. I will help you on this journey, but ultimately you are your own medicine! This is not hocus pocus, but brain science.

We have an epidemic of chronic pain, because we have an epidemic of stress and emotional repression.

When your cup is full and overflowing (filled with suppressed emotions, trauma, stress), symptoms develop. Your body is causing you pain because it is manifesting unresolved stress, perhaps from your child or adulthood, from present circumstances or as a result of your personality traits. Your brain / nervous system have twisted your body into pain as a way to avert emotions inside you.

The nervous system / brain have the reign on pain. They decides if, when, where you get pain and symptoms. The brain always wants the best for you, even when it creates pain as a protection from your repressed emotions. Releasing repressed emotions therefore may relieve stress illness.

Let’s get started.

Three steps to becoming your own medicine

Step 1

Educate. Believe

  • If nothing you tried ever worked, learn to think psychologically rather than physically. Stress illness is due to repressed emotions.
  • The brain decides when and where to create pain. The brain / nervous system decide when it’s better for you to have pain vs. feel the repressed emotions.

Step 2

Write. Feel.

  • Expressive writing is a big part of the journey to a painfree you. Expressive writing allows you to feel emotions due to negative experience of trauma and slowly but steadily drain the water from your overflowing glass.

Step 3


  • Learning to soothe and calm a nervous system in flight or flight and disconnecting emotion from memory will further reduce the stressors and as such the pain.

Become Your Own Medicine

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