From Chronic Pain to Total Comfort

The MindBody Syndrome (TMS) – A cutting edge, natural approach to curing chronic pain.

Are you tired of living with persistent pain or symptoms? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything without finding relief? You’re not alone.

I recovered from knee pain, herniated discs, digestive issues, migraines, insomnia with The MindBody approach. It is my mission to help you do the same.

The revolutionary truth is that up to 80% of chronic pain is not due to structural damage, but caused by the brain.

Chronic pain can be cured. Just as your brain has re-wired to learn pain, it can unlearn it!

It’s a mindbender. It was for me when I first heard about TMS. If the root cause is not physical, then trying to look for a physical fix is futile.

In a TMS Recovery Session, I help you kickstart your recovery process with 3 easy MindBody Steps:

  1. Understand why YOU have pain and how the MindBody Syndrome method can get you from painful to painfree
  2. Release and heal the root cause, a dysregulated nervous system, negative emotions and life experiences
  3. Self-Soothe the nervous system with easy to do hacks that put you into a rest and repair state

I and many others are living proof the TMS (The MindBody Syndrome) system works and we got the studies to prove it – here just one – see the Boulder back pain study.

If you are tired of suffering from migraines, anxiety, backpain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain (all kinds of pain), digestive issues, insomnia, burning mouth- the list is long – you may suffer from The MindBody Syndrome, meaning your brain has turned stress, trauma, suppressed emotions into physical pain – automatically and unconsciously.

We have an epidemic of chronic pain, because we have an epidemic of stress and emotional repression – Dr. John Sarno


Everyone’s pain story is unique. Let me help you with yours.

From Chronic Pain to Total Comfort

Step 1


If nothing you tried ever worked, learn to think psychologically rather than physically. Chronic pain is often due to repressed emotions.

Your mind has twisted your body into pain to avoid some of the emotions that are inside you. But you don’t have to live the rest of your life with this pain. If you start to understand TMS and recognize what causes it, you’ve taken a powerful first step.

Step 2


Releasing suppressed emotions is a key part towards freedom from chronic pain. This is accomplished with expressive writing and practices to change messaging to the brain, removing fear and reprocess the emotions around pain.

Step 3


Learn to self-soothe with unique methods and relax your nervous system into rest and repair. Also, learn practices to disconnect emotions from memory, which may further reduce stressors and as such pain.

Become Your Own Medicine

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