Born in Switzerland, I have lived in the USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the UK and Peru for many years. I truly live life from a “four corners of the world” perspective. My local knowledge helped me gain a unified cultural insight into how each individual affects the collective whole. After being caught up in an act of war that triggered PTSD, my profound quest for truth, healing, and spiritual awakening greatly accelerated. My physical and emotional symptoms worsened after the incident, and some became persistent. Even before the incident, since childhood actually, I always had some nagging ailment. Weird digestive problems. Migraines. Insomnia. Often, I was just not 100%. As the doctors were at a loss, I tried a myriad of naturopaths, healers, which at times provided temporary relief.

After a herniated disc, I finally found Dr. Sarno and learned that the solution lies within me, namely my overly tense nervous system aka a cup filled to the brim with suppressed emotions. I diligently followed the steps outlined by Dr. John Sarno, Dr. Howard Schubiner and other TMS specialists, and after three months, the disc issue aka TMS was history! After a few more months, chronic digestive problems, migraines etc. improved. I had vowed to myself that if this approach worked, which it did, I would do the training to share this gift with the world. So here I am, it’s my mission to make you better. I hope you can heal as I have, use the simple solutions and become your own medicine. I no longer have any chronic pain.

I am a Sr. Manager in the financial industry, a Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner (SIRPA UK), a Coach, a Clinical Nutritionist (British Institute of Homeopathy), a yoga teacher (Sivananda) and an Ayurveda coach (David Frawley). I am an avid meditator, practitioner of yoga, truth seeking, self-empowerment and common sense. I use the Mindbody approach to balance the imbalance of life.

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