Born in Switzerland, I have since lived in the US for many years, Canada, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the UK and Peru. I truly live life from a ‘four corners of the world’ perspective. My locally derived knowledge helped me to gain a unique cultural insight on how each solitary individual affects the collective whole. After having been caught in an act of war, which triggered PTSD my in-depth search for truth, healing and spiritual awakening accelerated greatly. My physical and emotional symptoms deteriorated after the incident and some became chronic. Even before the incident, I always suffered from something. Strange pains. Strange digestive issues. I just did not feel 100% a lot of the time. Through my own suffering and pain I eventually found Dr. Sarno and learned that the solution lies within. I religiously followed the steps outlined on this site and after three months, my horrific sciatica/slipped disc pain was history! After another few months, many chronic digestive issues, migraines etc. improved tremendously. I swore to myself, that if this approach works, I’d do the education to share this gift with the world. So, here I am, it is my mission to make you better. I hope you can heal the way I did, apply the simple solutions and become your own medicine. I have no more chronic pain.

I am a VP in a global bank, an avid practitioner of yoga, meditation, truth seeking, self-empowerment and common sense. I use the mindbody approach to balance the imbalance of life and it works wonders.

I wish you all the best on your journey.

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All the best – Susanne Meier Briggs

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