How can I help?

The SIPRA (Stress Illness Recovery) approach is all about getting to the root of what may be causing chronic pain. That’s why the SIPRA approach covers a range of different strategies, such as:

  • Education – about chronic pain and how it involves the brain and nervous system.
  • Mental and behavioral techniques – such as unlearning pain with different brain messaging
  • Emotional interventions – such as therapeutic journaling, disconnecting triggering emotions from memory
  • Self-soothing – how to enter the rest and repair state with effective methods

So, as a SIRPA practitioner, how can I help you?

  • First of all, I’ll listen… which may not be something you are used to as a chronic pain sufferer
  • I’ll help you do a complete assessment of your unique pain story – what triggered your pain and why it’s still there
  • I’ll help you learn skills and strategies that may decrease your pain
  • Yes, you’ll have to put some work in, but it will be well worth the effort – and I’ll be with you to support all the way

If you are ready to get on this voyage, please book or contact me.

Become Your Own Medicine

3 hour: Complete TMS Recovery Session – CHF 450
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1 hour: TMS Follow Up – CHF 150
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Once the TMS coaching session order is received, I will send a form for you to fill. Please plan at least one hour to complete the form. In order to heal from the inside out, I will need to understand your pain history. We will go through your story during the the consultation and I will gently guide on how to address the issues and become your own medicine.


– I recovered from two slipped discs, IBS, knee pain, ocular migraines, sciatica, anxiety, PTSD, nerve pain using this approach. It is still strange to say, but I don’t have chronic conditions any longer, and have resumed abundant physical activities

– I am a SIRPA trained therapist, yoga teacher (fully accredited with Yoga Alliance), clinical nutritionist (British Homepathic Institute), specialized in the Mindbody syndrome, a corporate executive (International Business diploma, Cal State Long Beach, US). I also am a certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, a Reiki Master, a Ayurvedic Coach.

– I am a living evidence that the MindBody Syndrome approach works. Since my own recovery I have helped many achieve the same.

Please note: I am not a Psychologist or Counselor, I can teach you the MindBody approach for pain relief, but I cannot diagnose or give medical advice.


Material contained in this website does not establish a therapist-patient relationship with or Susanne, nor does it offer diagnosis and/or treatment for medical conditions. You should consult with your own doctor to make sure that your condition does not require medical intervention and that an approach that includes a consideration of the role that the mind plays in your symptoms is acceptable.

You should also make sure that your doctor approves of any change in activities that you might undertake. This website does not offer specific recommendations about the use of medications or about changing your use of medications. You should decide along with your doctor if you should alter or stop any of your medications. In particular, stopping certain medications can cause physical or psychological symptoms if the process is not done carefully.

Exploring the emotional basis of your symptoms could be the start of your road to recovery but will involve accessing and expressing unprocessed emotions which can be upsetting. The pain recovery program suggests that you review stressful events in your life and asks you to view them in relation to how you are feeling, physically and psychologically. If you are in therapy, you should consult with your therapist or psychologist to make sure that they think you can participate in this program. If you develop emotional difficulties, it is critical that you consult with your doctor or therapist.

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