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Join us for a 1-day workshop to learn how to heal from nagging symptoms, chronic pain, stress illness (TMS) and become your own medicine.

A minimum of 5 participants are required to hold the session.

Explore how your overflowing cup of suppressed emotions stemming from trauma, stress, negative experiences, ACEs may be the cause for your symptoms and pain.

This is not hocus pocus, but brain science.

I know, I know you think that’s not me, that’s not possible – your pain is physical for sure. Is it? I had a herniated disc with sciatica and an MRI to prove it, the pain was horrific, but it was NOT physical. Hundreds of people walk around with less than perfect backs (according to Western medicine) and bulging or herniated discs – without pain. The brain creates pain when your cup of trauma, stress, suppressed emotions is full and overflowing. The brain does that because it thinks it is easier for you to feel physical pain rather than the emotional turmoil. And here you are  – you run to the doctors, specialists, naturopaths, psychics for a fix. But the root cause is elsewhere – the pain is not in your head, but the solution is not in your body.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop in Switzerland:

  • You will learn the brain science behind pain and symptoms and how the brain creates pain, symptoms (chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety etc included) aka TMS (The MindBody Syndrome or Tension Myositis Syndrome)
  • You will delve into the root cause of chronic pain and symptoms
  • You will learn effective methods to heal chronic pain and symptoms, which you can easily apply at home
  • You will start emptying your overflowing of full cup of emotions
  • You will learn how to self-soothe, which is essential to remain in a calm, parasympathetic state
  • You will learn self hacks to quickly and easily release stress

The method was first applied by Dr. John Sarno in the 70s. He termed it TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome or The MindBody Syndrome) and successfully healed many chronic pain patients. Since, the method has been increasingly used by doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, mainly in the US and UK. It is a highly effective method that truly gives freedom from pain, but you have to do the work. You will get all the tools you need in this workshop and need a dedicated 30 mins per day for practice. It is easy – I promise.

Symptoms are a manifestation of unresolved emotional turmoil and a maladapted stress response – Dr. John Sarno

The workshop will be taught by Susanne. Susanne is a SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner), Yoga & meditation teacher, Clinical Nutritionist and holds a B.A. from Cal State Long Beach. I have a passion for enabling and healing people. MindBody work is powerful, but horse-assisted MindBody work allows a person to go even deeper into feeling and releasing emotions, and being horse-supported while doing so.

Please note that I am neither a psychologist nor a doctor. I am a Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner and can explain / guide you on the TMS process. The work required to attain freedom from pain, you will need to do by yourself. If you feel like you are not in a position to delve deep into your psyche and need psychological assistance, please contact a health professional. According to Dr. Sarno, about 5% of his patients needed psychological assistance, the rest was fine to go through the process by themselves. 

If you have questions, please use the Quick Contact form 

or send me a mail susanne_meier  at  hotmail com


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March 25
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Susanne Meier Briggs


10am – 4pm
Switzerland + Google Map
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