As a people, or should I say, as a sheeple, the outside machine owns or runs a great deal of your inside world. For corporations, you are a consumer or an employee, a means to an end. As a consumer you must consume as many goods as possible, in ever shorter time periods. As an employee you must make, support, design, manage the products that are produced, in every cheaper ways. For the government you are a tax payer and voter. To perform as such, you are told incredible lies, coerced to buy into the calculated schemes and drink gallons of kool aid.


To get you to behave according to script, those in charge hired an army of specialized PR agents who feed propaganda to the masses. Manipulation via the various available channels happens subtly and undetectable for the unconscious mind. An arsenal of strategies are available to get you to ‘change your mind’ or to keep you in a blind state. Some of these practices are called greenwashing, framing, grassrooting and psycho warfare. Such practices are used against citizens or entire nations.  The spin doctors have abundant wealth und zero conscience. They are doing anything and everything in their power to get you to conform. 


Manipulation is applied to make you consume, vote, support, work, wear, eat, drink, you name it. Usually, the forces work their wonders automatically and you don’t even realize the coercion. Manipulation and conditioning are prevalent in every dark corner of your existence. The outside machine never sleeps. It works cunningly and successfully to make you behave, vote, act, speak, work according to schema.


PR firms are tasked to produce footage, speeches, articles, clips, celebrity appearances, incidents to sway you to approve going to war, voting for a particular candidate, turning against a country, president or what not. Such deceit can easily occur when the media watch dog is asleep. Journalists, who are supposed to be objective and report from a neutral standpoint, no longer take ‘truth reporting’ serious. Journalism today has more to do with PR, than investigation of facts. There is more money in reporting what the powers in charge prefer to hear, and it’s safer. Anyone who dares to stray from script risks getting fired, never working again or even getting eliminated via one of the named tactics. So, it’s better to play by the unwritten, but intrinsically known rules, made by the rulers.


The powers in charge are masters of spin doctoring. Any story can be spun and served to the public as desired. The enormous PR machine, paid by the tax payer, but serving very little public interest, with nearly unlimited funding and channels available, has an astounding authority on the unconscious mind. Without awareness, we are lulled to sleep, believing the propaganda shown to us is reality. It takes great effort and alertness to see the shades of truth. Because of the general starvation of real news, the alternative media is growing at amazing rates and speeds. Many are waking up to the fairy tales told and turn away from the gigantic, nozzled PR monster.


With antennas rolled out, awareness turned on and a tuned in intuition, spin doctoring vs. real news is easy to detect. Building a support group, a community to share opinion, discuss truth vs. fiction helps to awaken the world. We are more powerful as a group sending clear, focused, positive energy to the Earthly atmosphere. As a collective whole, we can change the planet.