The key to develop a human living in union with Earth may be found in the evolution of the different parts of the human brain. Studies show that embryos and toddlers experiencing stress, a lack of comfort and separation from mothers might grow the reptilian rather than the neocortex. Stimulating the reptilian brain, may translate into the human race transitioning back in time.

– The reptilian brain stem developed over millions of years is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. It controls functions such as breathing, heart rate, the fight or flight mechanism and is concerned with survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating.

– Then, there’s the limbic system, or emotional center. This is covered by the cortex, which is the third layer. Higher level processing, such as complex motor skills, memory, and some moral reasoning, occurs here.

– The neocortex brain, is the logical, conscious brain. It is thought to be the newest brain. It controls higher thought, language, mathematics, thinking and reasoning. It is here where the highest thinking occurs.

Evolution may have in mind progress and hence, to extend the neocortex. This could occur if human brains were permitted to evolve in a positive, stress-free environment where cognitive functions, mind-heart connections easily develop. Nurturing children, holding them in arms versus in cribs stimulates “new brain” growth, intelligence and sensitivity. A nurtured child, cuddled, touched and comforted as much as possible until “crawling and exploring time” is a healthy child. This is what the ancient cultures have practiced for millions of years.

In Western civilization, we separate the child from the mother, keep it in cribs, strollers, beds, playpens, to ensure it is “safe.” Nature’s intentions for the child are quite opposite. Nature projected for the child to be nurtured, be kept close, in the middle of family happenings, exploring, learning, instead of being alienated and separated from family life.

A baby is separated from the mother pretty much right after birth. It is put on a feeding schedule. The baby cries, screams, nothing helps. All it wants is love and touch. But our culture has a different plan. The baby needs to be taught about rituals, feeding and sleep schedules. None of this is natural, all the child cries for is love.

When we deprive children of essential, natural comforts, when we emphasize on the child being safe, watched, supervised and separated at a young age, when we deprive, instead of nurture, we breed “fight or flight children” who represent the warrior type, instead of the sensitive thinker. As such this is a step back in evolution.

So, the first and foremost thing that must occur, if we want intelligent, successful and healthy children, is that they must have a positive emotional experience. It all begins with children feeling unconditionally wanted, accepted and loved. This is the key to the entire operation.

A nurtured human will live more in tune with nature and the environment than a deprived reptilian child. A human nurtured instead of shamed and loved and driven by fear, develops a different brain and therefore a different mind. He will not act against the well-being of another or against the living Earth.

If we want to breed true intelligence and brilliance in young people, nurturing is the key. They must feel safe, protected and nurtured to open up and learn. People who are nurtured don’t make very good soldiers or competitive business tycoons, but thoughtful, peaceful humans, not hurting the environment they live in. It may well be that this is the missing link to move beyond today’s egoistic society into a more human one.