The world of spirituality, consciousness and healing, has always enthralled me. But for years, I pretended to be too busy, too distracted to really plunge into this marvelous sphere. Although, I practiced yoga and meditation, attended an abundance of classes on this or that healing or spiritual subject, it wasn’t until a traumatic incident in Sri Lanka, that consciousness got my full attention.

An act of war stopped me in my tracks. I was in the heart of an attack, which had many people killed. The explosion of a claymore mine and ensuing gun fire locked me in world of gushing adrenaline, terror, death, but also miracle, for two hours. During the incident, I felt I was hovering above, not in my body and hearing a voice say ‘This is not your cause, you will not die.’ Over and over, the voice repeated this phrase. Then I felt I was being out of the battlefield, through a rain of flying bullets, to shelter, in form of a nearby house. I knew that I was safe and being saved.

After this incident, I suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which I was determined to heal the natural way, not with traditional mind-numbing drugs, such as Prozac. My dad passed over the same year. The two tragedies nearly pushed me over the edge. I was a wreck. It took a year to heal be free of grief, anxiety and panic attacks. I thank a practice called the ‘Somatic Experience’ for much of this healing. However, there is always a silver lining. A serious spiritual journey started to unfold. I knew I had been saved by the light. I had proof the other side existed. I grew more sensitive, more in tune with myself. Slowly, a new me developed. I finally lived and applied the wisdom I learned in the many spiritual classes I attended prior to Sri Lanka.

The Monroe Institute played a crucial role in this development. It was there, in Virginia, that I learned to successfully access the deeper spiritual realms with the Hemi-Sync system. My psychic sense, my healing powers developed. I met my guides, was able to ‘meet’ and converse with my dad and dipped into the astral plane frequently.

I am grateful to be able to explore the essence of life. It is my wish a critical mass of people learn to discover this side, and in the process heal their being and the planet as a whole.

My spiritual insight, in combination with the experiences gained in the so-called real world, led me to write Becoming Human Again. As humans, we must understand why it is so crucial to develop our being, to choose greens over screens and focus less on the doing part of us. Humans spend so much energy on being busy, on fluff and buzz, as I call it, rather than on the most mesmerizing thing in life – the within. We are individuals, amazing spiritual beings, and not simply programmed robots, who do as told. As within, so without is the name of the game, not just for each individual, but also for the collective whole. If our within is in peace and harmony, the world will be too. It is law. As above, so below. As within, so without. I can’t stress this enough.

It is my conviction, that in the coming years, humanity will be led down the path of consciousness. The planetary constellation literally demands it. The alternative is to fight over the last resources on Earth – a dead end street.