Freedom from stress and chronic symptoms

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  • Susanne will immerse you into the latest  latest neuroscience on how emotions can cause real physical symptoms and pains ranging from back pain to exhaustion (after Dr. Howard Schubiner, Dr Sarno)
  • You will discover effective, new methods to release triggers, suppressed emotions and heal
  • Embrace self-soothing techniques to scientifically calm your nervous system
  • Allow your true self to unfold, move forward and feel free with a method that is still largely unknown in Europe

Minimum five participants required for course to take place.


  • Introduction participants with pain / symptom history

Step 1 – Learn

  • Neuroscience on how emotions cause pain and symptoms (from exhaustion to slipped discs

Step 2 – Release

  • Learn effective Release methods

Step 3 – Self-soothing

  • Learn scientific nervous system soothing methods

Self hacks

  • Daily support hacks

Wrap up

The workshop is taught by Susanne ABOUT – Become Your Own Medicine, passionate about helping you become painfree.

Minimum five participants required for course to take place.








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