Write. Feel.

Write. Feel.

Process emotions with expressive writing

Somatically manifested pain occurs then the glass of emotions is full and overflowing i.e. the nervous system is in constant fight or flight. Expressive writing plays a big part in becoming your own medicine. Expressive writing has been extensively studied and is very different from daily journaling or story telling.

  • Expressive writing is a daily writing practice, but also a sort of language or a suggested tone of voice in which to write. This method of offloading onto paper (or keyboard) is a way to give your unfelt feelings a voice. A voice in a safe space, where ONLY YOU can hear what is said and how it is expressed. Expressive writing is an intimate practice between you and your innermost self.
  • Every day, you grab a notebook or a computer and purge out your negative emotions, traumatic experiences, stresses and hidden feelings. Anything occupying space in your brain that causes you stress.
  • Expressive writing is the place where you can really let go and rant it all out, brutally, honestly, messily, swear and shout if you need to, get it all thrashed out onto the page. Imagine it almost like releasing an internal toxin, a detox.
  • No one else is going to read it, you won’t even read it, you’re just giving your suppressed self a voice and letting it out. The words don’t have to even be legible. Write a letter to someone that hurt you (you will never send it) tell someone off, imagine that little child inside you kicking and screaming your hurtful feelings.

The key is to allow yourself to feel your innermost feelings and let them out – cry, feel anger, sadness, joy, shame, guilt. Allow these emotions to come in and be felt as the repression of emotions are responsible for the pain you feel. Any repressed emotion is a tiny step to make the glass full and overflowing. An emotion not felt to the end, gets stuck in the tunnel and eventually the tunnel’s exit becomes invisible.

So, expressive writing entails expressing and feeling the emotions. It will be painful. It will hurt. But life is choice between what hurts and what hurts worse. It will get better. Trust me. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. And I love expressive writing so much that I still do it daily, although I am painfree.

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