Write. Feel.

Release suppressed emotions

Somatically manifested pain occurs then the glass of emotions is full and overflowing i.e. the nervous system is in constant fight or flight. Expressive writing plays a big part in becoming your own medicine. Expressive writing has been extensively studied and is very different from daily journaling or story telling.

  • Expressive writing is a daily writing practice, but also a sort of language or a suggested tone of voice in which to write. This method of offloading onto paper (or keyboard) is a way to give your unfelt feelings a voice. A voice in a safe space, where ONLY YOU can hear what is said and how it is expressed.
  • Reprocess pain with a combination of understanding the root cause of pain, knowing that pain isn’t dangerous, removing fear and addressing it with calm confidence, through a gentle body-scan style practice – check the Boulder back pain study

Become Your Own Medicine

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